Usage of and credit for Ted Crane/DanceDB photos and images

There's a lot of photos and images on my web site: DanceDB, Ashokan, and many others. I enjoy taking and preparing the pictures. Sometimes the effort is rewarded financially through sales, and sometimes through acceptable usage, without fee, of the pictures.

As a general rule, anyone who is portrayed in one of my pictures is welcome to use that picture for their own purposes, without fee, as long as certain guidelines are followed. The picture should not be sold, given for re-sale, or otherwise used in an income-generating way without explicit permission. Please contact me before use.

Usage by other persons or organizations may also be allowed, but you must request permission prior to use.

Each picture may be represented on this web site in one or more image files, at different resolutions or with different renditions. In no case should a copy of any of the image files be made without explicit permission. Four general types of image file exist on this web site:

TypeFile ExtensionDescription
Original .jpg0 Original image, raw from camera or program, lots of pixels; permission to use not granted
Master (or Big) .jpg1 Prepared image, lots of pixels; best type of image for print use, when permitted
Web-sized (or Small) .jpg Prepared image, typically 320x240 pixels; best type of image for web page (normal) use, when permitted
Thumbnail .jpgt Prepared image, typically 100x75 pixels; best type of image for web page (small) use, when permitted

As noted in the table above, it is expected that .jpg1 files will be used for print media, and .jpg (or, occasionally, .jpgt) for web pages.

For print media use, a small text tag should be displayed next to the image. Alternately, the credit may be displayed in a section of the body text devoted to all image credits. Please credit "© Ted Crane" or, where a photo date is available, "Ted Crane © photo-date".

After receiving permission for print media use of a picture, you should download a copy of the .jpg1 image, or provide that URL to your print shop. Either way, the copy should be destroyed after the print job is completed.

Pamela Goddard, photo by Ted Crane
Pamela Goddard Ted Crane © 20000804
For web page use, this image/background display:

Text will flow around the image/background.

I hope you'll agree that this presentation is visually attractive and suitable for almost all web pages without significant change. I'll be happy to work with you to create custom HTML code if you require a different presentation.

is produced by the following HTML code:

<!-- BEGIN: Permitted use of Ted Crane copyrighted photo -->
  <A HREF=""
  <IMG SRC=""
       ALT="Pamela Goddard, photo by Ted Crane"
       BORDER=0 WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=320 HSPACE=8 VSPACE=4></A></TD>
  <TD ALIGN=LEFT><FONT SIZE="-1">Pamela Goddard</FONT></TD>
  <TD ALIGN=RIGHT><FONT SIZE="-1">Ted Crane © 20000804</FONT></TD>
<!-- END: Permitted use of Ted Crane copyrighted photo -->


If you're using an image on your web page, you must also consider the impact of broken links. Specifically if (as I require) you link to my image and I subsequently move that image to a different URL, then you will be left with an ugly broken link on your page. This is undesirable for you -- and for me, since I like to keep my work visible.

To avoid this problem, be sure to let me know what you're using, where you're using it, and how to reach you by Email. I'll keep track of that information and try to ensure that the image URL does not change. If changes to my web site force the URL to change, I'll try to let you know.

Ted Crane, last updated 07-Aug-2003