Karen Almquist and I will be sharing a gig with me this Friday @ the
see ya, Lou


"Gutsy guitar playing and songs straight from the heart."

                     -- Alex de Grassi, Windham Hill recording artist


                "Karen is one hell of a guitar player. Her playing
                enhances her songs beautifully. Give her a listen!"

                     -- Kristina Olsen, Philo recording artist


                "The real thing! Karen possesses that rare and
                indefinable element called soul, palpable in both her
                singing and playing ... The kind of guitarist to die for."

                     -- Louise Taylor, Signature Sounds recording artist


                "Karen is a soulful player and singer and has a feel for

                the groove. She is the kind of player and singer
                musicians love to work with."

                     -- Gene Parsons, formerly of the Byrds


                "Karen Almquist is high quality. Her playing is
                impeccable, her singing and songwriting are anchored in
                the deep soul of a wonderful human being."

                     -- Barbara Higbie, Windham Hill recording artist

Dirty Linen - OCT/NOV 1997

            Every so often a really, really
            good album will slip into the
            enormous piles of CDs and
            cassettes that cross the desks of
            reviewers and music magazines
            across the country. So if a CD
            can make an immediate
            impression on the most jaded of
            listeners. the music reviewer, it
            already says alot about the
            musician's artistry. Karen
            Almquist stands out from the
            rest for several reasons: First,
            she writes outstanding songs,
            full of honesty and spirit, much
            in the vein of Kate Wolf.
            Second, she possesses a rich
            full woman's voice, devoid of
            cute mannerisms or trendy
            acrobatics. Finally, the lady is a
            bad-ass slide guitar player,
            who could easily keep company
            with blues gals, such as Rory
            Block or Bonnie Raitt, without
            sounding like she's trying to
            imitate them.

            On her first album, "Tracking of
            Time," she is joined by
            California musical
            heavyweights Sally Van Meter,
            Laurie Lewis, Nina Gerber,
            Barbara Higbie and Gene
            Parsons. The songs range from
            the bluesy Bobby Charles tune,
            "Why Are People Like That?"
            and her own funky "If Your
            Soul Gets Lonesome" to the
            country tinged "Silver Wings"
            and "Little Jewels" to the
            sensitive and gently majestic "A
            New Direction". She even turns
            in a snappy version of Bob
            Dylan's often-overlooked
            "Buckets of Rain." This is one
            of the best debut albums this
            reviewer has heard in a dog's
            age, and it is well worth
            seeking out by mail or
            requesting it at your local
            record store.

Lou Hinkley

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