How to Cure Cabin Fever

The Christmas festivities are finally over (really...even Twelfth Night!), there's not much in the way of concerts to go to, the snow is falling and you just can't face the thought of driving anywhere.

It's hard enough to get from home to work and back again. What's a body to do? How to get through the dark nights of January & February? Well, you could turn up the radio or TV, rent a tote bag full of videos, and turn off for a month or two. Bears do it, and so can you. Maybe. Or maybe you can look back to tradition, and find ways to make the most of these long mid-winter nights.

Here's Folkstuff's Top Ten List of Cabin Fever Cures:

10. Pull out the back issues of Folkstuff, and actually try cooking all those Folkfare recipes.
9. While you're cooking, read the articles!
8. Liberate yourself from the Folk Song Bible. Memorize a new song or two to share at sings during the rest of the year.
7. Pull out the instrument you've been trying to play, and learn a tune to play in public.
6. Now, learn to play it at speed, and a few more besides.
5. Learn tunes in Bb. OK, learn just one.
4. Visit the library and borrow a few some folk-related books (not necessarily academic: try Ngaio Marsh's Death of a Fool, or English and Scottish Popular Ballads by Francis Child).
3. While you're at the library, pick up a good Feng Shui reference, and rearrange your furniture.
2. Now that you've got the food, the songs, some tunes, comfortable furniture, and something new to talk about, invite your friends over.
1. Pre-heat the house by burning the last ten years of Folkstuff.


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