Tom Paxton and the Burns Sisters in Concert

When: Friday, March 6, 1998, 8:00pm
Where: Statler Auditorium
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
How Much: $10

Cornell Folk Song Club is bringing Tom Paxton back to Ithaca after an absence of several years, and with him will be the Burns Sisters. No, the Burns Sisters aren't opening for Tom Paxton; it's a concert mostly of Tom and the Burns Sisters performing together.

An odd combination, perhaps; but last year at a festival in Colorado, they discovered each other, and the highlight of the festival became their impromptu set together. Now the Ithaca audience gets to hear that combination again: Burns Sisters' harmonies; Tom's weird and wonderful songs; all backed by the driving rhythms of the Burns Sisters Band.

(John Henderson)

Contact: Ginny at 272-3471 or Email to Bill (no, not Gates)
Tickets: at Borealis and Rebop and at the door
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