Cornell International Folk Dancers
Summer, 1998 Schedule

8:30-10:30Request dancing
WhenWhat/By WhoWhere
June 21 Eastern European dances WSH Memorial Room
June 28 Scandinavian dances WSH Memorial Room
July 5 Dances from Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Greece, & Israel) WSH North Room
July 12 PICNIC at Stewart Park, main pavilion.
Dish to pass dinner at 5:30PM;
(Bring your own table service; beverages provided)
Dancing 7-10 PM; NO TEACHING HOUR this time,
but we'll help if you want us to!
July 19 Dances of the British Isles (English, Irish, Scottish) WSH North Room
July 26 Dances of Bulgaria and Macedonia WSH North Room
August 2 Latin Dancing (Merengue, Tango, and others) WSH North Room
August 9 Croatian and Serbian Dances WSH North Room
August 16 Western European dances, from Italy, Germany, and Brittany (NW France) WSH North Room

For more information: Marguerite Frongillo, 607.539.7335 or 607.253.4070
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