English Country Dance Aug-98

When: Sunday, August 9, 1998
Where: Bethel Grove Community Center
Route 79, 4 miles east of Ithaca, NY
How Much: $5 / dish-to-pass-supper

The off again, on again Ithaca English Country dance series is on in August and September with a dances on Sunday the 9th of August and the 20th of September at the Bethel Grove Community Center on Rt. 79 (about four miles east of Ithaca. We've made a great tradition of our Pot luck suppers at 6:30, and invite new dancers to join us. The food has been wonderful. Dancing starts at 7:30, and runs until roughly 10:00. Admission is $5 for the dance.

English Country Dance is done in long ways sets - like contra dancing - and the figures are both familiar and more inventive compared to its American cousin. Unlike New England contra dancing, each dance moves to its own unique tune. The balance of melody and movement makes this dancing a special experience.

We're fortunate to have talented and creative musicians joining us for the next two dances. Some of the music reaches back to the beginning of the Baroque period, but the style is developing a modern life of it's own. Modern dances are being written using figures which date back to the time of Queen Elizabeth.

August 9 - The music will be provided by Glen Rose from Western New York. The band is made up with members of the Sloboda family. Pamela Goddard will once again lead the dances. The program will feature a number old favorites such as The Bishop, Well Hall, and Juice of Barley. If you've been to our English dances in Ithaca before, be sure to come tonight to experience the music of this Central NY treasure. They've got a recording in the works.

September 20 - Our favorite traveling band, Spare Parts, will be back in Ithaca for another dance tour. These musicians from Western Mass bring a wonderful harmonic blend to English Country dance. The program's not set yet, but is likely to be a blend of old and new dances.

Look ahead to more dancing during the Fall and Winter. Organizing help and input is much appreciated.

(Pamela Goddard)
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