Cliff Eberhardt in Concert

What: Concert sponsored by Cornell Folk Song Club and Acoustic Ithaca
When: Saturday, November 21, 1998
Where: 165 McGraw Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $8 / usual discounts

Cliff Eberhardt The voice you hear on the Chevy truck commercial singing out "Heartbeat of America" is not Bob Segar -- it's Cliff Eberhardt. So why would a moderately successful rock-pop songwriter and jingle singer try to infiltrate the acoustic music scene, not known for its quick path to fame and fortune?

Dubbed by Christine Lavin the "bad boy of folk," Cliff is an outspoken rebel against what he calls (but I am paraphrasing) crap and compromise. In the new acoustic folk scene, Cliff has found a home. Now through his music, he gets to write and speak what he wants. He has taken his various musical backgrounds to create songs with depth.

By depth, I do not mean indecipherable, introspective naval-gazing, but stories, haunting images, humor, and emotion. Plus -- and this is a big plus -- Cliff's rock-pop background also means that he knows how to write a tune. How many singer-songwriters do you know who have been accused of writing catchy meldodies?

Join the Cornell Folk Song Club and Acoustic Ithaca in welcoming this engaging performer. He might cure that dark November of your soul.

(John Henderson)

For more information, phone Ginny at 272-3471 or send e-mail to Bill.
[yes, that Bill; a ouija board might be more reliable - ed.]

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