Interested in a venerable, fun, enegetic, and exciting dance
form? Try Morris Dancing! Of obscure origin (at least half a
millennium old), this traditional English dance form has
been on the Ithaca dance scene, off and on, for more than
twenty years. The current group, Heartwood Morris, a mixed
Cotswold side (both genders welcome; dances in the tradition
of any of several small villages in the Cotswold region of
England), practices in Ithaca Thursday evenings from 7 to
8:30 p.m. We have presented dance performances as far afield
as St. Louis and Toronto, but mostly perform in the central
New York region. Performance season runs from Labor Day
through May Day, mostly, and practices run all year round.
No experience necessary; experienced dance teachers will
show you how. Prerequisites: ability to count to two and to
distinguish your right from your left foot. Call Peter
Hoover at 607 255-9454 (weekdays) or 607 387-5171 (evenings
and weekends) for more information.
Peter R. Hoover, Cornell Publications Services, East Hill Plaza
Ithaca, NY 14850; 607 255-9454; fax, 255-5684 (

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