Gordon Bok in Concert with Carol Rohl

What: Cornell Folk Song Club Concert
When: Saturday, November 6, 1999
Where: James Law Auditorium, Vet School
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $10
Gordon Bok

Gordon Bok is Cornell Folk Song Club's most requested performer. For the last quarter century, he has defined the new folk tradition and set the standard. His music includes old, borrowed, and new, all steeped in and attuned to deep-rooted folk music. No one can match Gordon's sonorous voice and masterfully understated instrumentation. Perfectly complementing his vocal work is his dextrous, soulful handling of 12-string and classical guitars and his own invention, the cellamba, a 6-string fretted cello. He's been known to pick up a whistle as well! And as you might expect from a resident of coastal Maine and someone who has lived and worked on boats for a significant part of his life, he has a special affinity for music of the sea. Gordon's songs and stories are large, seasoned, timeless as seascapes. But he's not too serious to indulge in some droll fun, as evidenced by his membership in the Camden Trash Band and the Quasimodal Chorus.

Alone, performing with the likes of Cindy Kallet, Anne Dodson, or as part of the legendary trio with Ann Mayo Muir and Ed Trickett, Gordon Bok has produced a legacy of fine recordings and a loyal audience. At any local "livingroom" folk sing, you're sure to hear more than one Bok song, with great choruses that urge the whole gathering to voice. Joining Gordon for this November trip to Ithaca is Carol Rohl, a marvelous harpist. Gordon and Carol have been touring regularly for the past two or three years and have been married for a good bit longer than that. Carol follows a family harp-playing tradition, having learned on her grandmother's Irish harp.

Since the Cornell Folk Song Club hasn't done a concert in the James Law Auditorium in a few years, here are some simple directions. James Law is on the Vet School circle at the east end of Tower Road. There is ample parking is nearby. Advance tickets are available at Borealis and Rebop and at Bound For Glory. Ticket sales have already been brisk, so you might not want to wait until the day of the show. For more information, call Ginny at 272-3471.

(Margaret Shepard and John Henderson)

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