John Kirk and Trish Miller in Concert

What: Danby Community Council Concert Series
When: Saturday, December 2, 2000
Where: Danby Town Hall, Rt. 96B
(just a little bit south of Ithaca)
Danby, NY
How Much: Free! / no discount necessary

John Kirk and Trish Miller Come on out to the Danby Town Hall at 8 p.m. on Saturday, December 2 for a FREE concert by two of the very best Appalachian cloggers and traditional-style musicians -- John Kirk and Trish Miller. They do old-time fiddle tunes and folk songs, beautiful ballads, historical pieces, original songs, and crack great jokes. This dynamic husband-and-wife duo from the southern Adirondacks has taken their music and dance around the world, full-time, for 20 years: from school programs to square and clog dances, to big festivals and Carnegie Hall, to small-town halls where they feel right at home. Over the years, they've collaborated with such performers as Walt Michael & Co., the Green Grass Cloggers, Vanaver Caravan, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, and the Woodshed All Stars (which includes local favorites Mac Benford and Marie Burns), and have produced a number of recordings.

When John and Trish perform as a couple, they really shine. They've been dubbed "the nicest people in folk music." It's hard to tell which is sweeter, John's warm tenor voice or his silky, swift fiddle. Both may leave you breathless. He's also a master of mandolin, guitar, and banjo, and has written some gems of songs. Trish is a powerhouse on old-time clawhammer banjo, guitar, and the fastest feet in the East. She's a terrific dance teacher and caller. It's their deep rapport with each other, with their material, and with their audiences that make John and Trish's performances infectiously fun and good for the soul.

Bring the kids! Bring the grandparents, and everybody in between! This will be a toe-tapping, heel stomping good time that you shouldn't miss. The concert (no admission charge) is sponsored by the Danby Community Council and is funded by a NYS Decentralization grant through the Community Arts Partnership.

Hope to see you there!

(M.B. Shepard)

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