Cindy Kallet in Concert

What: Cornell Folk Song Club Concert
When: Saturday, April 21, 2001
Where: 165 McGraw Hall,
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $10 / usual discounts

The Cornell Folk Song Club announces with joy the return of an old friend, Cindy Kallet. With understated skill, intelligence, and soul (as well as a dollop of droll humor), she has earned a devoted audience and solid respect for her song-crafting in the 19 years since her first Folk-Legacy album. Rob Weir (reviewer for Sing Out!) describes her Dreaming Down a Quiet Line as, "that rarest of releases for a singer-songwriter: 15 gorgeously crafted songs, every one a winner."

Cindy Kallet's work is informed by a passion for folk tradition, particularly in songs evolving from her coastal New England life as shanty-singer, clam-shucker, and naturalist-educator. Commitments as parent, teacher, and perceptive world-watcher have yielded heartfelt (never didactic) songs of protest. Her perspectives and musical treatments are deeply personal, not restricted by convention.

In a song such as Bodies, she challenges listeners to draw their own connections between an Arctic explorer's field report, the bombing of Libya, and fear of losing distant loved ones. Cindy is a vituoso guitarist, but her instrumentation, at times intricate, other times simple, bare-bones honest, like her clean alto, always serves the song. Her mesmerizing voice shares some of the sea-washed, wise, unpretentious qualities of her friend Gordon Bok, with whom she has collaborated on several recordings.

Cindy's performances draw full houses in Ithaca, so get your tickets in advance. They're available at Borealis Books, I-Town Records, Bound for Glory, and (maybe) at the door.

For information, contact Ken McKinney at 256.4861, Ginny Gartlein at 272.3471, or check out the Cornell Folk Song Club.

(Margaret B. Shepard)

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