Jody Kessler at the Common Ground

When: Sunday, October 7, 2001, 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: The Common Ground
1230 Danby Road (Rt.96B)
Danby, near Ithaca
How Much: $5
Info: 607.273.1505

Ithaca, NY based singer/songwriter Jody Kessler left a career as a school teacher in 1995 to become a full-time performing artist. Since then she has released three CDs. Her most recent, No Solid Ground, has been named "Best Folk CD of 2000" by The Ithaca Journal. Her songs touch upon themes of relationship, connection with Spirit, contemporary issues, life stories, and the joy of being alive. Known for her insightful lyrics, masterful guitar work, and pristine vocals, Jody performs nationally in coffeehouses and folk clubs as well as at retreat centers, churches, and festivals.

This past July, Jody performed in the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's Artist Showcase, in a selective lineup of emerging singer/songwriters.

"Unafraid to sing about change, discovery, awakening, and recovery, Kessler is very aware that songs about pain are nothing new, but here is one talent who is unafraid to sing about the healing," writes Rochelle Brener of Spiral Magazine.

"Jody's skill in weaving poetic story with just the right musical line surely puts her in company with the best," says Pam Goddard of Folkstuff Newletter.

Best-selling authors Stephen and Ondrea Levine have said of her work: "Jody's music opens the heart we share."

Jody can be found on the web at

- Jodi Kessler

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