Gregory Paul Group at Juna's

What: An Evening of Extraordinary Songs, Stories, and Hooks
When: Saturday, February 2, 2002
Where: Juna's Cafe
the Commons Ithaca, NY
How Much: $6

Hailing from Rochester, New York, the Gregory Paul Group are musical generators of acoustic powered emo soul driven pop. Described by Billboard as "a hybrid of atmospheric ambience and powerful acoustics" GPG displays influences ranging from folk, pop, ambient, art rock, minimalism, electronica, and world music. Although Gregory Paul’s strength as a songwriter stands on its own, Paul's live set is enhanced with trance-like improvisations accompanied by the urban flavored drumming of Aaron Boucher (the bald guy), and new addition – bassist Tony Wentzel. Their presence greatly compliments Paul's vocal and acoustic styling creating a much fuller sound than would be expected from just three performers. If one closes their eyes during a performance it sounds as if there are twice as many musicians. They project a crisp, forceful yet hypnotic sound from the stage, leaving the listener transfixed.

In 1997 Gregory Paul released his first solo album, “Tales of Transcendelia”, an eclectic mix of acoustic emo based ambient atmospherics with several songs engineered and recorded by Kramer (of Shimmy Disc fame). 1998 saw the addition of drummer Aaron Boucher and 2001 the addition of bassist Tony Wentzel. They were semi finalists in SPIN Magazine's best-unsigned band contest in 1998. March of 2001 they played on the main stage at the NACA Great Lakes Conference in Delaware, Ohio and received a standing ovation. They have continued to perform throughout the Northeastern US while releasing two more independent albums “Factotum” and “The Sea Is Rough”. Since 1998 they have played over 400 shows including opening spots for The Moody Blues, Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Matthew Sweet, G Love & Special Sauce, Crash Test Dummies, Sally Taylor, Jian Ghomeshi, Poor Rich Ones, Kimone, Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Whitley, Toots & the Maytals, John Brown’s Body, Mecca Bodega, Dexter Grove, One World Tribe, Leona Ness, Leslie Nuss, Jeremy Toback, Josh Rouse, Saint Low, Adrian Legg, Dave Mason, and The Miracles.

Gregory Paul will continue to work as a solo artist and with the Gregory Paul Group, attempting to cover a wide range of sound experimentation. The plan is to continue performing, touring and recording while building up a diverse grass roots fan base. They desire to maintain a constructive, creative, integrity filled mentality while developing and expanding their musical aspirations, wishing to retain an independent accessibility as the musical experience evolves. Look for live performances and releases from both areas in the future.

For more information call Juna's, 607.256.4292

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