Cheryl Wheeler in Concert

What: Cornell Folk Song Club Concert
When: Saturday, April 26, 2003
Where: Kulp Auditorium,
Ithaca High School
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $15 / usual rebates at the door

Cheryl Wheeler
Cheryl Wheeler

While Cheryl Wheeler was driving home after her last concert in Ithaca, she began composing the title cut for her fourth album, which came out in 1993. A decade between visits by this compelling, viscerally funny, profound songwriter is just too long! Cheryl is the quintessential must see performer who shines in concert. She shares with Utah Phillips a quirky humor, natural story telling ability, and wry outlook on politics and social issues. But Wheeler creates songs of a different sort altogether than Phillips' -- and differs from him in having a lovely voice, achingly smooth and rich, and intricate guitar work.

Cheryl's open-hearted songs have an amazing range in topic and treatment. Some are tender portraits of people and deeply rooted landscapes. Others are belly-laugh situation comedies. This native of rural Timonium, Maryland successfully transplanted herself to New England in 1976, and seems to be fully at home wherever she is, even on the road. Only a handful contemporary songwriters (Greg Brown and Cindy Kallet, for example) have her gift for evoking the essence of place. When Cheryl takes command of the microphone (and her audience), the northern and southern aspects of her personality vie playfully. Chameleon-like, she slide from poet of modern ballads, intelligent or sweet, to a wicked stand-up comedienne and self-deprecating social critic. Above all, she is honest and touches her audience with the kinship of life's simple pleasures and sorrows.

Although Cheryl Wheeler has recorded only a fraction of her songs (on six albums), they are lapped up by other discerning performers ranging from Maura O'Connell to Bette Midler and Garth Brooks. They're best heard coming live, direct from their source. Cheryl Wheeler concerts have been likened to an emotional roller coaster ride. Please join the Cornell Folk Song Club and get on board for a wild and joyous ride.

Tickets are available at Ithaca Guitar Works, Greenstar Co-op, Colophon Books (formerly Borealis Bookstore), Small World Music, Bound for Glory, and, if any are left, at the door. You may also order tickets online and by mail from CFSC, PO Box 481, Ithaca, NY 14851.

(Margaret Shepard and John Henderson)

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