Brian Peters in Concert

What: Danby Community Council Concert
When: Sunday, November 2, 18, 2003
Where: Town Hall,
Danby, NY
How Much: Free!

Brian Peters
Brian Peters

As part of its concert series, the Danby Community Council welcomes traditional English folk musician Brian Peters, here on this side of the Atlantic for an autumn tour.

If November comes in with cold gray blasts, be sure to warm yourself in Brian Peters' fire. Fingers flying, he is a top-notch concertina and button accordion player, and no slouch at acoustic guitar. His thoughtful, intricate accompaniments, combined with a passionate voice, give life to versatile material, from old English jigs and reels, to wild sea songs, to ragtime, blues, and hillbilly rock, to his own compositions.

In the space of a single concert, Brian travels smoothly between musical forms and moods. Where he truly shines is as a treasured world ambassador and guardian of centuries-old ballads. Brian plunges deep into these ancient songs, finds their power, mystery, evil, drollery, and courage, and brings them to us fresh.

In concert, Brian Peters' musical integrity, commitment, and easy-going humor draw in his audience, newcomers as well as devotees. A natural teacher, Brian is in demand for both vocal and instrumental workshops, and composes traditional-style dance tunes style as well as researching dances from rare old manuscripts. A workshop with Brian Peters for contra and English dance musicians is being organized in the Ithaca area (probably Wednesday, 29 October); contact Pamela Goddard for details.

Thanks to a grant from the New York Council for the Arts Decentralization Program, Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, admission to this not-to-be missed concert is free. But Brian has produced a number of fine recordings and a tunebook, so you may want some cash to take some of his magic home with you. Guaranteed to warm you through the longest winter and beyond.

(Margaret Shepard)

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