Leo Kottke in Concert

What: An Outtasight Production
When: Saturday, November 1,2003
Where: Kulp Auditorium, Ithaca High School
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $22.50 / $25

Leo Kottke

OuttaSight Productions presents guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke, at long last performing in concert in Ithaca. Those familiar with Leo and his career - spanning some 33 years and more than 25 albums understand that this is a can't miss event.

A master of both the 6- and 12-string acoustic guitar, Kottke is the standard bearer by which many of the world's finest finger pickers are measured. Dirty Linen Magazine acknowledges that, "he's a true master of his instrument that's influenced generations of players," all seeking the free, dazzling buzz and bite the man coaxes out of his instrument.

"Kottke's simply terrific," says the Baltimore City Newspaper, "His fingers unleash a flurry of notes that evoke a quirky world of wonder: part bluegrass breakdown, part folk ballad, part Delta blues, part nursery rhyme. All this and surreally funny rambling monologues, too."

While playing solo, Kottke is able to put out an enormous amount of sound. The uninformed listener to his albums is often shocked to learn they are hearing only one instrument. In fact, the early buzz on him was that he's so good, he doesn't need a band.

Upon seeing Leo Kottke perform in concert, another awestruck reviewer said, "The man's right hand should be preserved for science."

Tickets Available at

  • the Clinton House Ticket Center (116 North Cayuga Street),
  • GreenStar Cooperative Market (701 West Buffalo Street),
  • Autumn Leaves Books (115 The Commons),
  • Willard Straight Hall (Cornail University),
  • by phone at 607.273.4497,
  • or online.

(Richie Berg)

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