Karelian Folk Music Ensemble

What: Finger Lakes Finns!
When: Saturday, February 19, 2005
Where: High School Auditorium
How Much: $8

Karelian Folk Music Ensemble

From Petrozavodsk, in Karelia (a region on both sides of the Finnish-Russian border), in the land of the kalevala, the ancient land of small villages and epic songs, the Karelian Folk Music Ensemble comes to Newfield!

The ensemble's music is an exciting mix of Finnish, Russian, and Karelian cultures. Their performances travel from ancient epics accompanied by Finnish harps to a capella Russian village songs. You'll hear their old shepherd melodies on wooden flutes and trumpet, Finnish dances on accordians (the only fit ending for a squeezebox), a musical scythe, and church bells.

Alexander Bykadoroff and Arto Rinne have visited the Finger Lakes previously, as part of the folk-rock group Myllarit. They are joined by Igor Arkhipoff for this more intimate exploration into the musical traditions of cold weather countries. Like, say, Ithaca in winter!

This is music to knock your socks off, even if you don't understand a word. These highly skilled musicians play instruments and tunes refined over centuries, bringing with them a piece of the world that we don't often get to hear.

For more information, contact Rich Koski, 607.387.4854.
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