Anonyme in Concert

What: Danby Community Council Concert
When: Sunday, May 20, 2007
Where: Town Hall,
Danby, NY
How Much: Free!


On Sunday May 20th Danby residents (and others) will take a musical trip to the Celtic regions of France. Anonyme (pronounced ano-NEEM) is an Ithaca-based trio whose focus is the traditional music of Brittany and Central France. Anonyme plays driving dance tunes and sweet Breton airs, with poignant or humorous songs in French.

Laurie Hart, Gordon Bonnet, and Julia Lapp bring eclectic backgrounds to the group. Their combined interests include classical music training, Irish session music, contra and cajun dance music, and the fiddle music of Scandinavian, Balkan, Celtic, and Quebecois cultures. On meeting in Ithaca, they were thrilled to find musical soul-mates in each other.

"We'll be playing some Breton dance tunes, including an dros (a Breton circle dance), hanter dros (a line dance in 3/4 time), gavottes (a quick couples' dance), and several other dance forms," Bonnet says. "Breton music is often 'tiled' -- the melody instruments take turns with the melody, trading back and forth, but each one overlaps a little with the next one like the tiles on a roof. Our repertoire from central France includes bourrees a deux temps (4/4) and bourrees a trois temps (3/4), and a couple of very old songs, dating back to the 1600s."

The Anonyme concert is appropriate for the entire family, and the concert is free and open to everyone. This and other concerts are made possible through the efforts of the Danby Community Council concert series, and is supported by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts/Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County Decentralization Program.

(Pamela Goddard)

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