Leo Kottke in Concert

What: An Outtasight Production
When: Friday, May 4, 2007
Where: Kulp Auditorium, Ithaca High School
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $26 / $29

Leo Kottke

Following his sold-out show in 2003, OuttaSight Events is thrilled to announce guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke is returning to Ithaca. Leo Kottke has influenced and been copied by legions of guitar players, all seeking the free, dazzling buzz and bite the man has been coaxing out of his instrument for nearly 40 years.

From certain standpoints, the title of a recent album, One Guitar, No Vocals, might say it all. But then, he opens his mouth and sings in a rich, low baritone as exceptional as his landmark playing.His style is equal parts rock, country and blues without being easily identifiable as any one of them.

Equally fluid on the twelve or the six-string guitar, Kottke makes his fingers fly and the complex sounds thunder out of his unamplified instruments. In a good call, one reviewer compared his work to ragtime, a graceful music of similarly deceptive simplicity built upon deft and deep complexities of composition.

Kottke has toured the world repeatedly and recorded some thirty albums. His bond with his audience remains as strong as ever and an evening in his presence is still unforgettable.

If you caught him the first time, you know why you need to be there - if you missed him the first time, catch him Friday, May 4 at Kulp Auditorium. Be a part of the performance everyone will be talking about.

Tickets Available at

  • the Clinton House Ticket Center (116 North Cayuga Street),
  • the Willard Straight Hall Box Office,
  • by phone at 607.273.4497,
  • or online.

(Richie Berg)

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