Musician's Workshop with Night Watch

What: Musician's Workshop, Potluck, Dance
When: Friday, September 7, 2007
5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm
Where: Bethel Grove Community Center
1825 Slaterville Road, Ithaca
How Much: $donation / Pot Luck Supper / Dance: $5

Elvie Miller

One of the newest, hottest young bands on the contra dance scene is making a trip to Ithaca, and they're ready to share what they know with our local musicians.

Night Watch includes Naomi Morse (fiddle), Elvie Miller (piano, accordion), and Owen Morrison (guitar, mandolin). Elvie and Owen, the offspring of musical superstars Rodney Miller and Jim Morrison, are becoming well-known in their own right. Along with Elvie, they attended Oberlin (the college, it seems, for folk musician's children) and have been playing together for ten years and touring for five. They all include a strong sense of tradition with their musical skill, seamlessly meshing northern and southern musical roots.

The workshop will focus on playing tunes with folks, and they'll talk about how to make better dance music. The workshop--and tune playing--will run for about an hour from 5-6pm, followed by a bounteous potluck dinner (bring out the harvest!) for musicians and dancers from 6-7pm. Then our monthly waltz jam convenes at 7pm, and the contra dance begins at 8pm. An evening to remember!

A month later we'll have another musician's workshop, this time prior to a Friday dance with Celticladda: Randy Miller (fiddle), Tom Hodgson (guitar), and Eric Anderson (piano). Randy--Rodney's brother--is well known as the compiler of the New England Fiddler's Repertoire tunes book, now in two editions. Look forward October 12!

Call 607.273.8678 for more info. Find out more about Night Watch at

We'll ask you to donate generously to the musicians for the workshop and bring a dish to the potluck (dancers: pot luck for you, too!). Stay and play or dance during the waltz jam! The evening dance will be the usual $5.

For information about the evening, contact

  • Ted Crane or Pamela Goddard at 607.273.8678
  • or TCCD.

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