John Dipper and Karen Tweed: A Dance Concert

What: Contra Dance with Concert-Quality Music
When: Saturday, February 2, 2008
Where: Rose Community Center
School Street, Rose, NY

John Dipper

Years ago, folks in the little town of Rose, New York hosted an annual Groundhog Day contra dance to celebrate the mid-point of dark winter. This year, the tradition is being revived with a special contra dance featuring noteworthy musicians...all the way from England.

Karen Tweed (accordian) and John Dipper (fiddle) bring extraordinary rhythm, harmony, and fluid tone to traditional dance music. They will be joined by local musicians, Jim and Nancy Sloboda (accordian and fiddle), Kathy McGrath (guitar), and Peter Blue (percussion). Ithaca caller Pamela Goddard will lead dances accessible to newcomers and intriguing for experienced dancers.

Karen Tweed
Tweed has inspired audiences around the world with her powerful yet sensitive accordion playing. Highly regarded for her Irish repertoire, she has also done pivotal collaborations with Scandinavian musicians and European composers. She was long-time member of the Poozies, an all-women's English folk group.

John Dipper, a member of the renowned Dipper concertina family, plays English fiddle with innovative charm. Schooled in early music and immersed in traditional music since childhood, Dipper combines musical styles with ease and grace, and composes his own timeless tunes. Together, Dipper and Tweed weave harmony and melody together as a seamless conversation between two old friends.

The Groundhog Day dance takes place an old school which has been "made redundant" (to borrow the English phrase). The evening will likely include a mini-concert at the break, featuring some of Dipper and Tweed's exquisite non-dance music. For more information and directions, call 315.587.2223.

(Pamela Goddard)

Editor's Note: Dipper and Tweed are not yet household names in the US, either among concert-goers or among dancers, and may never be. I don't often urge folks to check out a concert or dance but this event is worth an exception. They're not a pair of clowns making folk out of farce, nor an angst-ridden aging-teenage singer-songwriter; their music can drive your soul and you'll remember the tunes for years. Whatever means you can employ to travel up to Rose, use it. Dance if you like, but be sure to listen.

(Ted Crane)
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