Hands Four Dance: 2nd Annual Fiddlehead Frolic

When: Saturday, April 5, 2008
Where: Ithaca High School, 1401 North Cayuga Streeet
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $29, $25:members; afternoon: $15/$12; evening $18/$15; kids free

Headliners of this year's Fiddlehead Frolic are the Vermont-based Clayfoot Strutters (Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane, Lee Blackwell, Peter Davis, and Harry Aceto), who create a playful and exhilarating fusion of Celtic-based contra music with jazz, swing, zydeco, Cajun, and hot Latin rhythms. This band was a pioneer at exploring cross-cultural music for traditional contras, and they've honed it to a perfect marriage. Sure to liberate dancers' moves and induce bliss! Welcome the nationally renowned Strutters for their first Ithaca dance.

Too Much Fun (hometown favorites Jennifer Dotson and Gail Blake [Kitchen Chair] and Nancy Spero, with venerable Western Massachusetts fiddler David Kaynor) provide delightful contras and couple dances in the Celtic/Scandinavian/French Canadian mode.

Long John & the Tights (an incarnation of UpSouth with John Hoffman, Stefan Senders, Jim Reidy, and Randi Beckmann) do old-time Appalachian music from the heart for zippy squares and contras.

Rounding out the program is an English Country Dance with calling by David Smukler and well-attuned music from Kathy Selby, Gail Blake, and Jennifer Dotson. David Kaynor leads an afternoon workshop for musicians.

Keeping it lively and smooth are the inspired callers, including Beth Molaro from Asheville, North Carolina, wildly popular around the country. David Kaynor, inimitable doyen of dance communities in Montague, Greenfield, and far beyond, will contribute his playful, mindful style, and local heroines Nancy Spero and Katy Heine will cook up same savvy, satisfying dances.

There will be a workshop for new dancers, who are always welcome; each dance is taught and the steps are simple. There is no need to bring a partner, but please bring clean, soft-soled shoes to protect the floors. Dinner ($10) will be available on-site (Mandible Cafe wraps, salad, dessert, beverage).

Call Tom at 607.539.3174 for info or to volunteer for 1-2 hours in exchange for free admission to the afternoon or evening session. To offer or request a place to stay, contact Danny at danny7t@lightlink.com.

Hands Four Dancers of Ithaca members receive discounted admission for all HFDI dances. Until May 31, membership is $10 per year ($5 for teens and students). After May 31, membership is $12/$6 per year. Join/renew at the Frolic!

More info about the Fiddlehead Frolic.
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