Hands Four Dance

When: Saturday, September 20, 2008
Where: BJ Martin School Gym
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $9:members, $12:others

You may be wondering... "What exactly is Giant Robot Dance?" There is a perfectly plausible non-paranormal explanation. Despite the disclaimer of the musicians, you can expect to encounter =93a highly infectious strain of contra dancing with outlandishly rocking music and bizarre fashion experiments.=94 Michael Ferguson on trombone, Aaron Marcus on piano, Andrew Marcus on accordion, Andrew VanNorstrand on electric guitar and fiddle, and Noah VanNorstrand on drums (and just about any other instrument) pool their collective youthful energies into a formidable and thoroughly pleasing giant sound. Perennially youthful veteran caller David Kaynor (of western Massachusetts fame) will keep pace with iconic flair. True talent, as shown by these musician-dancers, is ageless. Please join HFDI in welcoming the Robot=92s debut in Ithaca. No partner needed. All dances taught. Please bring clean, soft-soled shoes (and a scrumptious dish to pass). Info: www.hands4dancers.org or call 607-273-7076.

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